Google Apps

Basic Login Instructions

1. Go to Chrome.

2. Sign in
Username: School
Password: School Password

3. Hover your mouse over the grey apps grid (in the top right)

4. Go to your Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, or wherever you need to go to get your work done!

Using Google Apps for a Class Group Assignment

Learning Target: Students will be able to use Google Presentation to collaborate on a project.

1. If you’re working in a group, choose a leader

2. The leader will do steps 2-5 FIRST.

3. After the leader does the following, the rest of the group needs to login, go to

- Google Drive

>Create >Presentation

- Name your project:

>File >Rename: NameofGroup/Hour/ProjectName

4. Share your project with your group

5. Your group must ALWAYS include your TEACHER!!!

6. Work, on separate computers, but TOGETHER on your project!

Some Things to

Keep in Mind

  • Your teacher must always be kept in the loop.
  • Your teacher can see, by the color coding, how much each group member participates.
  • You may chat with group members in this format (but your teacher will be able to see!).
  • All changes happen live, while everyone is watching (or not). This means you can work in the middle of the night, or whenever, and your group can see the changes you made.
  • The cool thing is that every person gets a voice—everyone has to do their part, and everyone also has to be careful not to hog the project.
  • Questions??? Just ask!